Libiquity X200 Goes to Work

As nice as the X60 is, I broke down and bought a Libiquity X200. This is the first Respects Your Freedom Certified Laptop sold in the US. As the name suggests, it's a X200 Thinkpad that has been carefully refurbished with Libreboot, free software friendly hardware and a FSF endorsed operating system. The price has dropped to less than $500 for this laptop, depending on the options. I got 8GB of RAM and extra stickers, which pushed the price up a little. It arrived in nearly perfect condition last Saturday. This is the laptop that I'll be using until the next generation of free as in freedom laptops is available.

Trisquel was beautiful and easy to use , but I made the laptop my own by moving my 1.5TB Debian Wheezy drive to it. Trisquel has a set up wizard that gets the user's language, and a few other important things, then it launches the desktop. This is an OEM improvement over the Gluglug X60 I bought three years ago. Trisquel is still really a nice desktop, but one of the great things about free software is how easy it is to get a new computer without disturbing your work. It took five minutes to move the disk from my X60 to my X200 and everything worked exactly as I had it before.

Thumbnail 20160502172245.jpg Thumbnail 20160502172301.jpg
Taurinus, X200 at my desk.My usual set up.

Compare the following screen shots to my Friday desktop from 4/29. Nothing changed.

Thumbnail desk0_dual_monitors.png Thumbnail desk1_laptop_screen.png
Desk 0, dual monitors.Desk 0, laptop monitor.

Performance is amazing and wonderful. I can run composite on two monitors without the CPU cores budging off 800 MHz. Video editing in Kdenlive is smooth and easy. I have yet to touch disk swap. Everything I've done so far has been pleasant.

I'm building a 2TB, 64 bit, Debian install for this laptop. The OS install was done by Sunday. It will take a few nights to sync all of my files and to remember to install all of the software I like to use.

Given the amount of work that goes into one of these laptops, ordering was easy and turn around was quick. The website told me that the store was out of them, so I did emailed sales as the page recommended. The page was wrong, and I was able to order that day. It shipped fifteen days later.

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