A 4TB Drive for the Taurinus X200

This is how I stuffed a 13 mm thick, four terabyte hard drive into my X200. It's 14 mm thick with the cage. There are I bought the drive for an X60 or X61s but it was too thick for them. It's too thick for this, but I made it fit anyway by ignoring the hole on the side and going in through the keyboard. The drive is too tall for the keyboard and the laptop is less shock resistant as a result, but it's four terabytes. Now, I want six or eight terabytes.

There seem to be a lot of 15 mm thick, 4 TB drives for sale right now, but I don't think they will work. The keyboard is on the verge of buckling with the 13 mm drive in place. Another two millimeters might break things.

I ground off a chunk of the case to make it work. Ordinarily, the chunk keeps the hard drive in place and makes the case sturdy by completing stiffening a critical piece. It forms the horizontal portion of an L shaped section of the case over the drive bay door. You can see where I ground this off and how the drive fits in the video below.

I used a drum sander to grind it off, and carefully covered everything else with rags and tape to protect the laptop from metal shavings. Shavings went everywhere and I used an vacuum cleaner to suck them away before uncovering the rest of the laptop. You can still see a couple of sparkles in the pictures below. Nothing has shorted so far.

Thumbnail 20161218162537.jpg Thumbnail 20161218162546.jpg
Drive in place. How tall it is.

Thumbnail 20161218162638.jpg Thumbnail 20161218162647.jpg
Keyboard bulge. More Keyboard bulge.

Make your own jokes about the bulge.

Thumbnail 20161218162934.jpg Thumbnail 20161218163049.jpg
14 mm thick with drive caddy. Drive case and drive.

Thumbnail 20161218163056.jpg Open movie mvi_0554.ogv
Drive part number.Video of drive fit.

I'm going to install GNewSense on this drive and see how that goes. It's worked well with my new media PC and it is based on Wheezy, which I really like. I plan on using IceCat, which I think is better than Debian's Firefox. I'm happy to put off learning SystemD, perhaps never fooling with it.

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