Second Libiquity X200

My second Libiquity X200 arrived and I put the 4TB GNewSense drive in it. It worked well. This is an image of the default Gnome desktop.

Thumbnail 00-gnewsense_gnome_desktop.png

To use the new X200 right away, I did a drive swap and carried it to work with my existing Debian Wheezy install. This worked about as well as it always has and it was nice to have a freshly cleaned laptop. Drive swapping also gave me a chance to try out a newer Libre Linux kernel again.

Libre Linux worked but not as well as I would have liked. The last time I tried it, I ran into the century bug. That was gone, but there were still annoying problems with the hardware clock and I ran into other bugs. TDE's kicker moon clock, for example, seg faulted, so I quit running it and started to wonder if it caused my biweekly instability. The system clock would not update when waking from sleep and that caused problems with notifications, xscreen saver, and other time dependent applications. This was annoying enough to drive me back to Debian's kernel.

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